Friday, January 4, 2008

Uttanasana and New Beginnings

(this photo is of the salt flats aka Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia)

Bonne année everyone!! Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe new years! I went to CJ and Clint's house for a friendly gathering, played Scene It (us girls beat the boys, yes I know my Nicholas Cage but apparently not my Michael Palin whom I had just finished watching a documentary literally 3 hours before the question!) Anyways, we also played Wii boxing and bowling, my arms have killed since! It was wonderful to be with my closest friends, I had a great time!

Also, I was lucky enough to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra from like the 7th row (it snowed on us!) on Sunday night thanks to Clint and CJ who knows the tour manager and offered Dusty and I two of their tickets. I have to say it was THE best concert I've ever been to! Thank you two so much! I love you both. This Sunday I start community bible study! Also, this Sunday we are celebrating CJ's birthday! Happy early Birthday CJ!

This week I've taken some big steps toward making my trip a reality, I put more money into my savings and also started an IRA (yes it's a retirement account but I'm investing in a medium-risk mutual fund which hopefully will make me some money rather than lose it!).

I've also started an exercise regiment, I try my best to run everyday, I've started with a mile and am building up to 5 to 6 miles! I also do yoga every night before I head to bed, it's incredibly relaxing! After I do it I feel so calm and peaceful, after reading about 5 pages I passed out and slept great! I feel really good all day the following day too! Today I received the always precious compliment that I looked "skinny", I love it.

I've looked into taking a little "pre-trip" this spring break! I feel the need to gauge my travel capabilities and have found a few prices on flights at the beginning of March to Ireland and South America. If I don't go to Ireland to explore (both North and South) then I'd like to fly into Buenos Aires and head down to Patagonia (well, Punta Arenas) for a week of hiking around the glaciers and Ushuaia! What do you all think? I've found some cheap prices and I think it'll not only satisfy my eagerness and impatience to travel (for a little while at least!) but help me understand my limits, I'll be staying in hostels and traveling as cheaply as possible.

I received a lot of great comments on my previous blog, after work tomorrow I'll try to reply to them all! Thank you all so much for your input, I love to see that people are reading my blog and those experienced travelers are sharing their information with me (Adam, Steve, etc.) as I'm totally clueless when it comes to all of this stuff! Yay for comments! Yay for travel! Yay for flippin' life! =) I'm truly blessed.

Well I'm off now to do some yoga and get some shut eye, I've made a promise to my 11 o'clock buddies at work that I'd make an appearance (in other words work 11-8 with them)!

Much love and Namaste my friends.

(lengthening in yoga, I can dooo it!)


C.J. Redwine said...

I love reading your posts! You are such a cool mix of adventurous spirit and introspective thinker. =)

How's that for some big money words?

Love you!!

Kailani said...

Thank you C.J.!! Thank you for reading my posts! (digs out a dictionary to develop some sort of grandiloquent reply that rivals your sesquipedalian words). Ah ha!!! So we can both be compulsive polysyllabricators!
Love you!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

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