Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Pursuit of Happiness

(Forty shades of green...the Irish countryside. Kilkenny, Ireland.)

The ticket has been booked! It's no backing out of this one! I leave on March 1st from Nashville (have an 8 hour layover in Chicago) and arrive in Dublin, Ireland on March 2nd at 8:35am! I will return home on March 8th. I know, I all voted otherwise, most of yas on South America, but I could not find a ticket under $1,000 to any location in SA plus I saw P.S. I Love You this week (with my ladies: CJ, Kelly, and Dusty....cried like mad!) and it inspired me to go!

YAYYYY! I am so excited, beyond words, sooo excited! My friend Courtney went to Ireland last year and she is making a list of places for me to visit, I'd like to spend most of my time in the country-side, though I am visiting both Dublin and Belfast. I'm staying at hostels and couchsurfing is a possibility (see Are you all excited for me? Hopefully I'll meet a sexy lepruchaun to show me around :-) or Gerard Butler or Jeffrey Dean Morgan (though he's actually Scottish) (see

In other news! I watched Juno with Kelly on Monday!! One of the best movies I've ever seen! Also, I am back in school now and busy as ever!!!! I have school three days a week, work three days a week and then am about to start teaching sunday school with Kelly, have church, and community group on Sunday's! My life is really busy right now and I love every bit of it! I love staying busy, I feel so responsible and somewhat proud of myself, not only for work, school, and church but for also in a way...finding my way and having the courage to finally book a trip off on my own! I get to put that expensive Gregory Palisade backpack to good use now (see right-hand picture)!!! :-)

Okay, I'll stop bragging on myself now. I must go study for my math quiz tomorrow and get some shut eye.
With undefended love.
(Cliffs of Moher, Ireland)


john said...

YAY KAILANI. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU . TAKE LOTS OF PICS FOR US TO SEE OK. I am so glad that you are fullfilling all that you want in life and I have a feeling GODS going to continue blessing you Becuase you are doing work for him now and I see the Light of him in your eyes. LOVE AND SUPPORT john

Treninsha said...

Kai, I am not even going to lie, I am jealous. I wish that I can take some time out and travel. I wish you all the happiness, and once again I am soo envious. Bring back an irish ginger kid...