Monday, December 17, 2007


Sorry I didn't write my daily Sunday blog everyone! I've been, well, swamped! I've had so much to do this week, between work, church, Christmas parties, present buying and sleep (what little I could manage to get), I've been unable to sit down to work out a good blog. It's been a good week, I was able to get in a lot of work and make a lot of money (which is going going gone...thank you Christmas). I was only able to get 30 minutes of sleep on Saturday night, on Sunday I had church (which was great, might I add, Lloyd Shadrach spoke and he is so animated and inspirational!), after church I went to a community bible study group lunch (yum, CJ catered with Cracker Barrel!), met a lot of new, really nice people! Sunday evening I managed to fall asleep watching The Clockwork Orange (disturbing but artistically amazing). This week I have 2 parties to go to, 3 days of work and then I leave for Kentucky on Saturday (then comes Christmas stuff and work)! *sigh* Well I'm off again to a Christmas party. I promise I'll try to find some time to sit and write, hopefully this week. Much Love and Namaste my friends.

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