Friday, February 29, 2008

Off To Ireland...

(Kilkenny, Ireland where I will be visiting)

So I'm off to Ireland early in the morning with Amber (meeting Sara in Dublin)! Forgive me if you're unable to get a hold of me over the next week, I'll be in transit most of the time! (Dublin-Belfast-Galway-Cork-Kilkenny)

Hope you all have a wonderful spring break!!! I'm going to miss all of you very much!!
Thank you to my family, C.J., Clint, and the boys for a perfect early birthday celebration tonight!!! I love you all so much!!!!!

I'll try to post a blog or two along the road with pictures! I'm also taking my video camera (which films in PAL unfortunately (bought it in Malaysia) so I have to convert all of my videos when I get back to NTSC...ugh). Well g'night! Slán agat!!!
Much love and Namaste,


C.J. Redwine said...

Miss you already! We're praying for you and Amber throughout the entire trip.

Love you bunches!

Jon_Quixote said...

I stumbled upon your blog by pure chance while at work today and it has left me so inspired. You've actually convinced me to finally commit to a totally unscripted trip I've been dreaming of Northward-bound to New Hampshire as soon as the weather's warm enough. I'm not quite intrepid enough to make the jump out of the country just yet, but it's been my dream to make a permanent home out of NH as soon as I'm able.

So thank you for the nudge in the right direction and I hope your trip to Ireland was everything you expected and more!

P.S.: Have a look inside your PayPal account. It's not much, but it might help knock off the cost of one of those many visas you'll be needing. Yay for random acts of kindness :) Pass it on!

Kailani said...

Jon: Wow!!! I haven't checked my blog since I had returned (school and work ughhh) haha and your message brought me to tears! I'm so happy that I've inspired you! =)
I see your from Connecticut (used to live there, in Grotten), this summer I headed up the coast and wanted to visit New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont but didn't make it that far (went to D.C., NYC, and Boston). I appreciate your kindness so much!! =) Let's keep in touch! I'll be posting the pictures from Ireland here soon, going to try tomorrow.
My e-mail is
Feel free to contact me anytime.
Thanks again for your generosity and your kind words.

Jon_Quixote said...

Yes, work and school do have a way of consuming you, don't they. I only just settled into what I guess you could call a real job which has replaced the part time job that got me through school, but ultimately is just a placeholder until I can find something that makes me happier (hopefully in NH!).

It's a real shame you didn't make it up further North; it's absolutely gorgeous up there!! I live right in-between New Haven and Hamden, two horrible cities. I've been to D.C. and up to Boston and all it ever served was to re-enforce my dislike of cities. I need clean air and nice people to survive!

I look forward to seeing those shots of Ireland. I have some Irish blood in me :) And you are very welcome for the small donation. It was the least I could do after your writings here gave me the swift kick in the pants I so desperately needed to stop moping around and give myself something to look forward to. I hope you can put it to good use!